Our Mission

We are strategic innovators with a mission show the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence help you gain better understanding of customer behavior and improve internal operations .

Meet Our Team

Attul Sehgal

A strategic innovator to the core, he was formerly the CEO and Founder of Red Zebra Analytics Ltd. He launched one of the first cashback loyalty systems in Europe. The product, 3D offers, was short listed for best financial loyalty platform by Loyalty Magazine in 2016. He was awarded Gamechanger of the Year for 2016 by ACQ5. He helps in all non-commercial activities in Red Octopus.

Armando Vieira

Armando’s mission is to develop the unique solutions. Passionate and experienced on Predictive Analytics and Big Data using Machine Learning approaches like Support Vector Machines, Complex Networks Analysis, Artificial Neural Networks Author of more than 70 publications on international journals like "Expert Systems with Applications", "Journal Applied Physics", "Neurocomputing" and "Physical Review E". Co-creator of a new algorithm to classify high-dimensional data (HLVQ). He was formerly the Chief Data Scientist at Red Zebra Analytics.